First ever blog!

Hello world ?…hello humans….& all my little Flutterflies! This is my first ever blog, coming to you from on top of my branches ? in my home in Redcliffe.

I’m overlooking the beautiful water & there is a slight breeze that gives me such a wonderful feeling of freedom….and a face massage. There’s children’s laughter down below as they’re playing in the park.

The excitement brings back the memory of Daphne’s 5th birthday party over the weekend.?? She was so happy to see me & couldn’t wait to introduce all her friends. They all had their favourite dresses on & their hair In the latest trends. They grabbed my hand & we danced until we needed a drink, we played games & painted faces ? but that night….I couldn’t sleep a wink! I think I ate too much cake ? & too much cake tends to keep Flutter awake. So I reminisced about the ribbon twirling & all the story telling.

I hope Daphne’s enjoying her ‘Mumma’s lullabies’ ? I created for her. Perhaps I should have put them on for myself. Going to sleep with music helps to calm the mind and to unwind.? Must remember to fly up my music player which I leant to Ettie the Elf when she was sick. She’s better now.

There’s kids below knocking on Ettie’s door with a stick, they think Golum lives there but that’s just a trick.

I might fly down and buzz around their ears ? for Ettie worked til late Soothing children’s fears. ?

see you later my little fairies, my little elves….. Until next time be good little boys and girls.

first ever blog - question mark

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