Health Benefits of a Lullaby

The importance & health benefits of a lullaby!

Mumma's Lullabies by Koby Lee (CD cover front)Did you know research shows that the health benefits of a lullaby can ease pain and anxiety in babies and children?

It has officially been stated that lullabies offer health benefits for babies. A research team from Great Ormond street hospital analyzed the effect of lullabies on a child’s pain, perception, heart rate and anxiety. Heart rates dropped and the children were in visibly less pain. It is thought the lullabies help to distract the children form their pain. Music is better than story-telling at tapping into the brain’s emotional centre.

A lullaby can also help ease fears of the dark for children. It can lull a child off to sleep by easing their fidgety bodies and minds.

Building Healthy Habits: Repetition and structure help children feel safe. Bedtime symbolizes that the day is over; and a great way to start off this transition is with a lullaby.

Cognitive Development: Children are wired for sound – literally – and music is an excellent tool for learning. There are specific neural connections that are made when a child listens to music of any kind, instrumental or vocal. These types of connections made in the early years help increase the capacity in the brain. The earlier music is introduced, the greater the potential for learning.

Speech and Language: Lullabies feature repetition, rhyme, assonance (the use of vowel sounds) and alliteration. Repeating the same patterns again by singing the same lullabies reinforces the sound recognition. Speaking to children is, of course, of tremendous value in speech and language development, but the value of singing is often overlooked yet benefits the emotional connection opportunities.



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